Mar 19, 2009


This cartoon map of spain is among my favourita collection!!! I love it so much!

Mar 18, 2009

Cape Elizabeth Light

Corinne sent me the card from Dallas, Texas.
It is a view of of Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse in Maine. Can you feel the peaceful air from this postcard?:)

The right 2 stamps show Bette Davis the actress and Edgar A Poe the writter. Pretty cool!

Furri the cockatiel

发件人 Paloma meets the world!
This is a cockatiel of Kati, a postcrosser from Bochum in Germany. She told me this cockatiel's name is Furri:D

发件人 Paloma meets the world!
The stamp on the left "für uns Kinder" means "for us kids".

Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale

This is an illustration for H C Andersen's fairytale "Nukku-Matti" (1940) drawn by Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946). Annamari wrote me this lovely card and told me Koivu is one of the best-loved illustrators in Finland:)

But unfortunately, I googled and googled but found nothing explaining Nukku-Matti in Chinese. Is it a name of a god??
But the card itself reminds me a traditional Chinese story of Mice's Wedding:D

Almaty, Kazakhstan

This calm view of lake came from russianbuby in Kazakhstan. It is my first postcard from this mysterious country!
It is a view of Almaty. Russianruby told me on the card that this is the biggest city, which means father of apples in Kazakh. What a lovely name:D

The stamps are really nice although I have no idea of those characters;)

Mar 16, 2009

Cafe envelop

I love this cute envelop was sent from outipltnn in Finland more than I love coffee and coffee cup!!!!
发件人 Paloma meets the world!

Kuala Lumpur's Former Railway Station

The B&W photo of Kuala Lumpur's former Railway Station of Malaysia was built in 1911, and was once dubbed the grandest Station in Southeast Asia. 
Bluesky told me on this card that after the last Intercity Train ran from this Station in 15.4.2001.

Gaspard et Lisa

The card of Lisa sent from Mika in Japan made me so excited:D
Gaspard et Lisa are two kids created by Anne Gutman in France, but they are so lovely that everyone all around the world love them. 
This is a Japanese website: