Feb 27, 2009

Dancing Girls, France

Since it is my first card received from postcrossing, it really made me happy for quiet a long time!

Mother Teresa of Culcatta

She was a respectable woman, an icon of service and selflessness and was awarded the Nobel Prize of Peace in 1979. We knew her story in high school.
This is a postcard made in South Korea.

south korea

Feb 26, 2009

Cape of Good Hope

The pretty name and the pretty view always remind me of those childhood dreams.
There is only one pity that the postmard on the left is not so clearly.

Feb 25, 2009

Kittens in Roma

In my mind, Italy is a country is of a long and fabulous history; Italian is a people loving art.
Italy may also be a country full of lovely kittens I guess:D

These 4 are my favorite cat cards. What's better, they also show nice views of Rome, the amazing city!

Sound of Music from Salzburg

CCTV is now replaying the Movie "Sound of Music" releases in 1965. I cannot remember how many times I have seen it. When enjoying, I found this postcard sent by mom during her trip to Austia:D

girls and old man from India

The Indian movie Slumdog Millionaire was the biggest Oscar winner this year. Maybe I should see it later after posting these 2 postcars from India:)

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro means River of January. That is a beautiful city, biggest harbour and second biggest city in Brazil, well known for Cobacabana and Pão de Açúcar and also the Maracana Stadium, RJ Carnival and Cristo Redentor!
But it's a pity I haven't got a postcard showing the Statium the fantastic Carneval or Cristo.
The first 2 cards are published for the Pan American Games 2007.

Fuji Moutain, Japan

Since I have received several Fuji view cards from Japan till now, does it sounds a good idea to show all of them in one post? :D

Totem Poles, Vancouvor

This is a postcard sent from the City of Vancouver, showing Totem Poles in Stanley Park. In fact, it is among my favorite cards! :D
The Totem Poles were said to be carved and painted by native Indian people according to their religious belief. They have many different designs (bears, birds, frogs, people, lizards). They have arms, wings and legs.

Here are some more viewcards from Canada:

Feb 24, 2009

Pinocchio and a Lappi girl from Finland

I don't know if everyone likes the little boy, but I really do!
And the Lappi girl is also cute. Lappland is said to be the hometown of Santa Claus. I have seen the beautiful view and reindeers from postcard. The Lappi girl on the card is skiing and wearing a sweater of traditional style I guess:)

Oktoberfest, Munich

This is a very lovely card from jhbr at Oldenburg, Germany I received several days ago for 3+ stamps TAG!

I always like the cards showing traditional festival, and the Oktoberfest should among the most well known one in the world. This card looks very attractive to me:D

Further, the stamps on the card are wonderful too. It's my first time to have miniature sheet from Germany, HAHA!

Festive woman's dress, Ukrain

horilko_chasnyk send me this card and I got it 10 days ago.
That's really wonderful! Because when I traveled to Russia and met an amazing set of national costumes postcards at the airport, but they are too expensive to affort so I had to give up.

This card show a woman from Forest-Steppe, Middle Dnieper Reaches. Since Dnieper is a river running across Ukrain, I guess Dnieper(第聂伯河) to Ukrain is just equell to the Yangtze river to my country:)

Stamps are also wonderful too, aren't they?! :D