May 12, 2009

Anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake

Let's keep the day in memory and pray for the survivers.

Apr 9, 2009

Tuantuan & Yuanyuan in Taiwan

The 2 lovely babies are our Tuantuan & Yuanyuan the giant panda in Taiwan!!
They seems to live a very happy life now in their new place:)
I got the nice free card from ya. She also helped to find these beautiful postmarks on it:D
Above is Dumping Festival.
And these marks are for the new issue of panda stamps.
Pandas celebrating Dumping Festival :P

Youth Travel in Taiwan

Wing sent it to me with a lot of other free postcards in an envelop from Taipei .  It's actualy much more beautiful than it looks as scanned.

Apr 7, 2009

Poor dog..

That's an interesting card from hadassan, Finland:D
It's a nice stamp issued for Valentine's day 2009, but my poor scanner didn't understand the color of love:(
The 2 postmark say the card was sent on Feb. 20 but arrived Shanghai on Apr. 1 !!

East Station, Budapest

This huge railway station is said to be the biggest one in Hungary! :D

Saaremaa, Estonia

Postcards showing lighthouse always look peaceful and calm. 
But this one seems to have a little blue mood, doesn't it? 

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Writing a postcard to Australia for "Other Continent RR" reminds me of this beautiful one I received 2 years ago.

Apr 6, 2009


A lovely hello from Ireland. 
But I'm not sure who are the two short animal? Are they some kind of horses or mules or something else? 0_0